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We provide creative solutions to clients around the world,
creating things that get attention and meaningful.

Our History

Simcour, as company, provides advanced technical solutions and consultancy services to various fields of engineering. Our services range from Software Solutions to Industrial Automation. We have a strong research and development team of experienced professionals related to various engineering fields like computer software, web development, smart phone applications, electronics, electrical, mechanical, electromechanical, fluid power, industrial automation, embedded systems, biomedical engineering etc.
The company was originated in 2006, as an electronics and microcontroller/ microprocessor based solution provider. Since that time, it is has been serving its clients with great enthusiasm and significant level of customer satisfaction.
In 2017, the company is restructured with a vast scope and more organized plan of action. The company works to achieve some well determined goals, which we consider equally important to achieve along with financial growth of the company.

Our Vision

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction, being a most important key player to keep a business successfully growing, is one of our most significant goals. We are delighted to have excellent customer satisfaction in past and we are sincerely committed to maintain and further expand our warm and friendly customer relations. We have a specially planned setup for periodic customer feedbacks and a highly qualified service team to resolve any issue in minimum time.

Quality Solution
While providing economic solutions, we do not compromise in terms of quality. High productivity, low breakdowns and safe operations are the most appreciated features of our solutions.
Economic Solution
We intend to provide the best possible low-cost solutions to our customer. We made special research to make the solution with lowest possible development, running and maintenance cost.